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The Black Iron Horror RPG Up On Kickstarter

Sometimes, the solution is worse than the problem. Or, at least, the proposed solution. During a long war between humans and elves, the elves summoned a giant ball of iron to fall from the sky and crush the human forces. Unfortunately, that iron ball has since corroded and is mutating and warping anything it touches. The elves fled. The humans mostly died off. Those that could took refuge underground. That's where you find yourself in The Black Iron, a new horrror fantasy RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Black Iron is a dark horror based fantasy RPG set after a war between elves and humans. Dark magick used by the elves was used to summon a ball of Black Iron to fall from the sky and destroy the human armies, but what it did was infect the land and mutate all those touched by the infection. The elves fled to another reality and the humans slowly died, those that could escape fled underground to the abandoned cities of the dwarfs.

The players are characters trying to survive in this new world, above ground the infection slowly spreads, engulfing the land and mutating everything it touches, the last city of the humans is protected by the mages who fight to hold back the corruption using magic, but even this is waning.

The campaign's around 1/3 of the way to their goal with still 29 days left to go.