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The Big Book of Amazing Tales Adventure Compendium Up On Kickstarter

Having pre-made adventures just makes running a gaming group that much easier. The GM just has to open up to the right page and away you go, altering it as you go if necessary to fit your group. Well, if you're playing the Amazing Tales RPG and have been wanting some more adventures to try out, you're in luck. The Big Book of Amazing Tales is an adventure compendium that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

On a rainy day six years ago I invented a role-playing game to entertain my four year old daughter.  Four years and a lot of fine tuning later I published it as a book, called Amazing Tales - a role-playing game for kids aged four and up to play with their parents. This year I published the first supplement for Amazing Tales 'The Quest for the Dragon Crown', and now, with your help, I want to do more. 

The plan is to write three more campaigns for Amazing Tales, and to combine them all into The Big Book of Amazing Tales. What will they be?

  •  Captain Cadava's Treasure - An adventure on Pirate Seas
  •  The Kryptid Conundrum - An adventure Beyond the Stars
  •   A Dream of Trees - An adventure in the Deep Dark Wood

And of course I'll include The Quest for the Dragon Crown