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The Beast of Thornbriar Hills RPG Adventure Up On Kickstarter

Sheep. They're not exactly nature's smartest creatures. They're decent prey items for any predator that might be out there. And out there a predator is. The flocks in Thornbriar Hills have been thinning lately, and it's up to an adventuring party to figure out what's doing the damage and to stop it. That's what's happening in The Beast of Thornbriar Hills, a new RPG adventure that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Welcome to Ramen Sandwich Press’ latest campaign! This campaign offers you your only chance to copies of the Limited (Kickstarter Only) Edition of Places by the Way #7: The Beast of Thornbriar Hills and Found by the Way #7: Path to Thornbriar Hills.


Module #7 describes the village of Thornbriar, which sits at the end of a remote valley and serves the herders whose flocks of sheep roam the overlooking hills. Passing through Thornbriar gives a party the chance to solve the mystery of who — or what — is killing sheep up in the Thornbriar Hills, reconcile the villagers with the eccentrics who live in their midst, and score some cool items that will help them as they pursue adventure in the lands beyond. As they try to solve this cryptozoological puzzle, your party will meet intriguing NPCs such as those that have become our hallmark, including the sheep country equivalent of a cat lady, a band of vegetarian hobgoblins and a hermit cleric who begrudgingly serves the village of Thornbriar. New rules allow your PCs to keep a sheepdog companion and learn to use a wicker basket as a shield.

The campaign's about 1/3 of the way to its goal with 29 days left to go.