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The Bane of the Ancients RPG Module Up On Kickstarter

Creating adventures for low-level characters can be tough. You want to make sure that the adventure is a challenge and interesting, but also know that a common housecat can pose a possibly deadly challenge. Thankfully, there's those designers out there that are on your side, such as the folks at Gaming Honors. They've created The Bane of the Ancients, a new 0 or 1st level adventure for the Mutant Crawl Classics game. The module is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Bane of the Ancients is a 0- or 1st-level Mutant Crawl Classics-compatible roleplaying adventure module inspired by zombie horror movies…and the horrors of office life. Available in print or PDF, The Bane of the Ancients will appear in 8.5x11-inch book format, feature a full-color cover and B/W interior with illustrations, and provide approximately 24 pages of zombie and corporate mayhem!

The village of Solace has always had to fight for its peace. Living in one of the few settlements on the edge of the Slouismo Fen, you have not only battled the elements, but also bands of nomads seeking easy plunder. These occasional bandits don’t stay long, and you have come to see them as akin to natural disasters—devastating, but a suffering to be born like all the other hardships of life.

But this morning, as traders and foragers put out their wares, a ragged, tired group of refugees stumbles into the village. A few carry the weight of sleeping children. All seem dazed, overcome by fear and exhaustion.

You know that this time something is different.

A middle-aged human woman with tangled brown hair, her round face streaked with tears and blood, grabs the arm of the nearest villager. Her voice shakes with intensity.“Flee! Flee for your lives! They’re coming!”

The Kickstarter's really close to its funding goal with still 24 days left to go.