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The Art Of... Miniatures Art Books Coming to Kickstarter

The delightful Dave Taylor will soon be launching a Kickstarter for a new series of books all about making your miniatures look as amazing as possible. They're called The Art Of... series and they'll bring you insights into miniatures modelling and painting from some of the industry's greatest artists.

About the project:

On April 30, 2021, Dave Taylor Miniatures is launching a Kickstarter to fund the first of a series of books that highlight the miniatures work, the approach, and the philosophies of a broad spread of miniatures painters that Dave has come to admire over his three decades of participating in this incredible hobby. These artists will cover a variety genres, and may or may not be recognized as leaders in their chosen focal areas. Regardless, they will all have something valuable to bring to the wider miniatures painting world.

 These books will be both a celebration of the artist and their art, as well as an opportunity for them to present their thoughts on particular topics and let the world know why they approach their art the way they do. They will not be “How To” books, but may include some “how to” examples.

 Dave’s aim is to launch with three books in 2021, and then add two or three books each year for the foreseeable future. These books will range between 96- and 176-pages, and will sell for between $35-50.


Volume 1 – THE ART OF Miniature Monthly

 Miniature Monthly is a collective of three professional painters from the US – Aaron Lovejoy, Elizabeth Beckley-Bradford, and Matt DiPietro – who have a Patreon and produce painting videos. All three have been studio painters for a number of different companies and they each bring something different to the table.

 Aaron will cover:

• Creating a team/collective – looking at The Painters’ Guild and Miniature Monthly

• Striking a balance between Speed and High-end painting

• Freehand – Adding depth and texture 

Elizabeth will cover:

• Smooth Skin – featuring work on the Kingdom Death minis

• Chibi Art – how painting chibis differs from “standard” miniatures 

Matt will cover:

• Ancient methods with infinite possibilities.

• The Art of miniatures, – Finding your voice and engaging with the audience.


Volume 2 – THE ART OF Christof Keil

 Christof Keil is an artist from Germany who has made a name for himself with his incredible kitbashes and conversions, and his work to turn 2D artwork into 3D pieces. Christof’s work can be found on Instagram and YouTube

• Kitbashing – a focus on anatomy, balance, silhouette

• The Black Phalanx – a kitbashed project

• Sculpting – creating reliefs and busts

• Painting Black – an exercise in mimicking the masters

• Black Templars – recreating the John Blanche art of 3rd Edition


Volume 3 – THE ART OF Ana Polanšćak

 Ana is a professional miniature painter from Croatia who is widely regarded for her world-building miniatures art. Her converted and sculpted miniatures blend seamlessly with her terrain work to create dark corners of worlds that beg to be explored.

 • World Building – a focus on selecting a starting point and key developments. Working on your own worlds and collaborating with others

• Gardens of Hecate – a world created by Ana

• AoS28 – Hosting LEGEN and the Sunhold campaign

• Sculpting – What it’s like to turn concepts into physical sculpts for the miniatures market, and the reliquary/artifact creations