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The Adventurer's Guide to Theria Volume 1: Ellara Up On Kickstarter

Many of you have probably been following Dungeons and Randomness for quite some time. If not, you should. It's a D&D podcast that's been going on for the last 7 years. Either way, you should go check out The Adventurer's Guide to Theria, their setting book that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Theria is a world comprised of six continents filled to bursting with gorgeous scenery, bustling towns and intrigue. While some people are content to simply "get by" and live their lives performing common jobs around town, others thirst for something more. These people are adventurers! They live on the fringe of society, doing jobs and exploring places that most wouldn't dare to touch. While most of these brave souls risk life and limb only to come up short, a few break through and become the things of legend.

For 7 years we here at "Dungeons and Randomness" have gone on a journey with you. Starting from humble beginnings with a group (mostly) sitting down to play D&D for the first time, we've grown into something that we never could have imagined. These days, we run multiple groups exploring the world of Theria and providing more than 250 episodes of content.  More important than all of that would be you. Yes, you. The dedication and support that our listeners show is nothing short of astounding to us.

Because our podcast has such a wide and magnificent scope, you lovely folks have been craving a way to play in Theria at your own tables, and we are finally bringing that opportunity to you. Kickstarter has been the jumping point for many tabletop RPG fans to make their dreams a reality, and we think now is the time. Theria holds a special place in our hearts and the hearts of our listeners. As Jason, the dungeon master, often says: “It’s not a campaign, it’s a living, breathing world.”

The first setting book for Dungeons and Randomness will feature the continent most prominently featured on the show: Ellara. There are many details of the book we are very excited about, including:

  • All new beasts, monsters, items and encounters.
  • Over 200 characters from the show, including player characters.
  • The demonic pantheon, a Therian concept that has yet to be fully explored on the show.
  • A deep-delve into every town and city on the continent, spanning several unique climates.
  • An exploration of the intricate web of history, featuring world-changing events from during and before the show.
  • Much, much more Therian-based content!

More than anything, we at Dungeons and Randomness want to make this Kickstarter a success so we can do right by the world of Theria and all of the listeners who have supported us these past seven years.  Please help us reach this goal, and spread the word by including “#WeAreTheria” in posts on social media. We are beyond excited to see our world explored by others as we have explored it, and in ways we never thought to.

The campaign is up and over its funding goal with 12 days left to go.