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The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance Card Game Available to Pre-Order

I'm guessing many of you have heard of the McElroys. I know I routinely laugh my ass off watching Monster Factory. There's a good chance you've listened to their podcasts as well. But even if you haven't, you should check out The Adventure Zone podcast. But even if you haven't listened to -that-, you can still check out The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance, their new adventure storytelling card game. There's a regular and a Limited Edition version that you can pre-order now.

From the website:

The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance is a cooperative storytelling card game that lets you and your friends build your own stories in the world of The Adventure Zone, pitting your party of adventurers against the challenges of a deadly dungeon. It’s accessible and easy to learn, even with zero previous experience with fantasy roleplaying games or The Adventure Zone. No need for a DM:all you need is an hour, a few friends, and a little creativity. (But don't worry--you’ll still get to roll a D20!)

TAZ: Bureau of Balance uses a modular system to dynamically generate missions. One night you may find yourself fighting sarcastic specters as you make your way through haunted caverns, while your next mission might pit you against cunning gerblins on a train racing towards a perilous destination. With 12 decks of double-sided cards as a foundation, TAZ: Bureau of Balance provides players with over 120 hours of unique challenges.

This pre-order comes with exclusive Reclaimer Rewards of additional Fantasy Kostco loot and other special cards you get to suggest. Check our our videos and streaming schedule to see how it's played.

This is a pre-order. TAZ: Bureau of Balance is expected to ship no later than August 2020.