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The ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) Roleplaying Game Up On Kickstarter

Deep down in the dark places of the world of Ancardia, a long-forgotten gate to a chaotic realm of evil has opened. It's sending forth a flooding wave of corruption up to the surface. The surface is going to have to fight back. That's the story behind The ADOM (Ancient Domains of Mystery), a new fantasy RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

This crowdfunding campaign strives to release the ADOM pen & paper roleplaying game in two manuals (Player's Handbook and Gamemaster's Guide), as digital and/or print-at-cost rewards (the latter is important - read the definition below in the section labeled "Reward Format"). Extra content and rewards are available on the highest pledge levels and as the result of stretch goals we reach (explained further down below).

About the ADOM Roleplaying Game

Ancardia was a peaceful world. Of course, there were stories of horrors lurking in the deepest caves and forgotten ruins of ages past. Also, kobold and goblin raiding parties were known to terrorize the wilderness, a danger only for the most careless of wanderers. But now a Gate has opened in the deepest of caves, and the corrupting powers of Chaos seep into the world to twist and conquer everything. The very nature of the world is in danger, and the forces of Order are preparing for war.

The Kickstarter is closing in on 2x funded with 26 days left to go.