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Terrain Corner

Monday once more. We knew it was bound to happen. Might as well not fight the inevitable. We'll lean into it, instead, and get your gaming tables looking good. Quick one today, but in the Terrain Corner we have:

Meanders 5 RPG Ballte Maps Up On Kickstarter

Welcome to M5 Terrain Expansion for Meanders: Modular Battlemaps: the world's largest digital modular battlemap system with over 2000 mix and matchable battlemaps designed for Print and all Virtual Tabletop Systems.

The last time I did a dedicated terrain expansion for Meanders was way back in 2018 with the Meanders 4 series.  

In my previous Kickstarter I created 62 Orcish Tribes, Villages, Forts and Military Outposts - and at the same time expanded the available terrain/landscape maps in the Meanders series by 48 new maps with new Edgers and Blenders (explanation below): Tundra, Arctic, Mountain, Plains, Wasteland, Deforested, Forest, Jungle, Permafrost, Volcanic, Lava Mine and Plateau terrains.