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Tentacle Town Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Trying to build and develop a town, all while campaigning to become mayor of said town, is tough enough as it is. Throw in the town being regularly attacked by massive tentacles and it gets a whole lot harder. But that's exactly what you'll be doing in the new board game from Monster Fight Club that's up on Kickstarter now. The appropriately-titled Tentacle Town is good fun for all ages. Have yourself a look.

From the campaign:

In Tentacle Town, you're building a new town and competing to become mayor – all while the town is attacked by giant tentacles!  Gamers of all ages will enjoy Tentacle Town. Games usually take 45-60 minutes, so it's easy to fit in a game. 

Tentacle Town introduces new gamers (of any age!) to a variety of board game mechanics: action selection, resource management, engine building, and area control - all with plenty of strategy for veteran gamers!  Different Task cards can be combined in over 1,000 ways to make sure each game brings a new strategic challenge (or leave 'em in the box for an even easier to teach intro game).   

Tentacle Town re-imagines worker placement: instead of claiming an action on, you’re putting a new resident to work completing tasks or building a new building - but that new resident doesn’t belong to you! Many of the tasks depend on how many residents are in the district or how many buildings you’ve built. Plus, the more residents a district has, the more fame the district is worth at the end of the game.

There isn’t a break in the action until the game ends. Your choices aren’t blocked by new residents, so the turns can keep going quickly with a minimum of frustration. Plus, you can spend gold to complete additional tasks, adding a layer of strategy to gameplay. 

The campaign's around 2/3 funded with 19 days left to go.