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Tenebria: Remnant of Rome RPG Up On Kickstarter

Well, Rome's fallen (and it can't get up). Damnit, Carlus, I told you to not let the barbarians in to check out the monuments. Now we've found ourselves out in Tenebria and we have to survive as possibly the last Romans there are. That's the story behind Tenebria: Remnant of Rome, a new RPG that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Rome, the famous Eternal City, has fallen and the last imperator exiled in obscurity. There are no more supply trains to support the legions. There is no more trade with the coasts. As far as you know, you are the last Romans, stranded a thousand stadia from anywhere. All you have left is your training, your eagle standard and your will to preserve civilization as you know it. Here in Tenebria, at the base of a crumbling aqueduct, you will make your final stand.

Created by writer and artist Steven Wu, the newest from Wet Ink Games is ready to challenge you with a desperate fight for survival at the edge of a fallen empire. Create a survivor at the end of an age, choose what you can contribute to rebuilding, meet your fellow refugees in Tenebria, and take up the fight against the many others who want what you have preserved. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new age...

The game's about 1/3 funded with 23 days left to go.