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Techlandia Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Something sinister is lurking behind a tech giant company. You can't really put your finger on it, but you know it's there. As the launch of the latest smartphone comes closer, you just got to find out what's really happening. Will you be able to handle what you find out? That's for you to decide in Techlandia, a new suspense board game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Imagine an all-powerful technology company, like the ones you interact with every day. But, this tech titan is secretly a front for a Lovecraftian death cult! The Techlandia Corporation, and its twisted CEO, Dexter Ward, plan to use the launch of the highly anticipated new TX-1 smartphone to open a gateway to another plane of existence, bringing elder gods back to our realm to sow destruction. 

Sounds pretty bad, right? Almost as bad as that that "top tweets" default view on Twitter.  

You haven't been invited to the grand launch of the TX-1 smartphone, but you're not a tech blogger because you like following the rules (I mean, except for tabletop game rules). There's something strange going on here, and you're going to expose it all.  

The campaign's a little more than half-funded with 12 days left to go.