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Tavern Masters: Dockside Expansion Up On Kickstarter

Considering that it's the weekend (well, start of), I'm sure many of you are heading to taverns this evening (or bars, or pubs, or whatever have you). Some of you will be headed to them along the coast. Though I'm sad to think that very few sea shanties will be sung. However, in Tavern Masters: Dockside, shanties will be sung. It's the new expansion that's up on Kickstarter now. There's even a soundtrack to go along with it.

From the campaign:

The long-awaited campaign for the new Dockside Expansion for Tavern Masters is here! Dann Kriss Games is raising funds to finish the last of the remaining art, print the new expansion, and ship it back here to the States! Reserve your copy now and get some awesome promo cards along with it for being a part of this exciting campaign!

Tavern Masters: Dockside Expansion is the newest addition to our beloved Tavern Masters series. In the base game of Tavern Masters there are 70 Tavern cards and 75 Patron cards. This new Dockside Expansion adds in 30 new Tavern cards and 30 new Patron cards, as well as 12 new Dirty Deeds cards, a 40 card Song deck, and a 20 card Port deck; for a total of 132 new cards! That almost doubles the number of cards for your base game!

The campaign's a bit more than half-funded with 17 days left to go.