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Tavern Encounters: The Heroes' Feast RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

Tavern Encounters: The Heroes' Feast is a little bit of several things. It's a cook book. It's an encounter guide for taverns in your games. It's a hosting guide. If it involves food and games, it's at least somewhat in there, it seems. That's fine with me, of course. And hopefully with you, too. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Tavern Encounters: The Heroes' Feast is one part "good host" guide, one part cook book, and one part tabletop roleplaying guide! The book is designed to use 5e mechanics to help groups build and practice food-focused traditions at the table; this book takes a step beyond just pairing great beers with wonderful foods. It also gives you story seeds and encounters with each recipe! We've built this book to serve as an essential resource for any gamer's kitchen.

Tavern Encounters: The Heroes' Feast is a book designed for players and GMs alike. 

Part One - We Meet at the Tavern!

This book's job is simple - turn your tavern from a trope into a treasure!

The first third of our book gives the aspiring host-GM a full set of tools, tips, and tricks from both sides of the table! Whether you need information on what cocktails pair best with a rib-eye or how to deliver excellent hummus everyone* at your table will enjoy, this part of the book is designed for you.  

Focusing on those tips and tricks every modern tavern uses to ensure your experience is a pleasant one, this portion of the book will give you insights into running a tavern and brewpub from an established veteran of the industry. 

The book is up and over its funding goal with 25 days left to go.