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Talon Games Running CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter

Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert on screen! Woop! Woop! Woop!

And this one's quite a classic, too. CAV has been around for a long time, and Talon Games is looking to make sure it stays around for a lot longer. Old grognards quite possibly have some CAV models stomping around their old bits box. Well, there's a new generation playing, and there's a Kickstarter up right now to expand the game even further.

About the campaign:

Talon Games announces the launch of our latest CAV: Strike Ops based Kickstarter! Having already FUNDED, this new campaign marks our third successful kickstarter as we bring even more CAVs for the BIGGEST, BADDEST STOMP EVER! Once again, we are looking to bring a wide array of unique CAVs and armored fighting vehicles to the game board. The Core Set starts right off with 32 models that we have chosen to allow for the most versatility when it comes to squad design (or just a whole lot of really cool mechs!). Additional stretch levels will allow EVERY LEVEL to add additional CAVs to the core set, while providing a multitude of armored vehicles as reward options. Also included in this campaign are several first-time expansion levels designed to add even more new models, with a variety of aircraft (for all of the factions) and 10mm-scaled terrain for the modern and sci-fi tabletop (and of course NEW PAINT COLORS!). For the piece de resistance, at the end of the campaign we look to “land” the our first true-scale dropship, the Broadsword! At 18” long, it will be the biggest model we have ever produced and is truly remarkable to behold. Since the release of the all-new CAV ruleset in 2016, we have focused on expanding our tabletop miniatures into plastic, using the kickstarter platform to help with the cost of molding as we update existing designs while also introducing new models to the line. As you heard over and over, the cost of these molds makes it very hard to do more than a couple of figures at a time. By using kickstarter and, with our backers help and support, we can fast-track the process to get these models out to our players. For your support, we can offer an incredible number of figures to our backers exclusively! So now is the time to jump into the action! We can’t do this without you and every bit of help will help us produce these incredible new figures! CAV Kickstarter 3 is LIVE

The campaign is already over its funding goal and working on stretch goals. It's set to run for another 19 days.