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Tales of the Old Margreve: 5th Edition Forest Adventures Up On Kickstarter

Tales of the Old Margreve is more than just an adventure module. It's a whole tome of material that can take characters all the way from Level 1 to Level 10 in 5th Edition. And if players want to really specialize and work with the setting, there's even a Player's Guilde that will give them new options like races, sub-classes, and other such things. The Old Margreve is a huge enchanted forest, very ancient, that will protect itself rom all outside intrusion. Of course, being adventurers, you're going to intrude. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Forests in fantasy roleplaying games are dark places, full of secrets. With this project, we bring the Old Margreve to the 5th Edition of the world's most popular RPG. The Margreve is an ancient, enchanted forest that defends itself from those who come to cut its timber, poach its creatures, or steal its magic. Within its borders the Old Ways are strong, the word of the druids carries great weight, and griffons, dragons, and stranger creatures nest and hunt, undisturbed by humans, dwarves, or other lordlings.

Until your adventuring party shows up. Then things get really interesting.

The campaign's getting close to 2x funded with 28 days left to go.