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Tales from the Red Dragon Inn Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Red Dragon Inn has adventurers looking to divvy up and spend all the loot they got while out on an adventure. But what adventure did they go on? That's what you can figure out in Tales from the Red Dragon Inn, a new cooperative dungeon-crawl board game from SlugFest Games up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Welcome to Tales from the Red Dragon Inn, a 1-4 player cooperative dungeon crawl adventure set in the world of The Red Dragon Inn, our beloved fantasy tavern game. This game has been a long time coming and we are thrilled to finally share it with you!

In Tales you will take on the role of one of our famous characters from The Red Dragon Inn series as they tackle their day job of being big damn heroes. The multi-scenario campaign pits the players against game-controlled enemies tailor-made for each brilliantly illustrated game map. Each scenario will take you to a new map, with new foes and even a few tricky puzzles to solve.

With our classic, module-style adventure maps for each scenario you'll have plenty of exciting places to visit and challenges to overcome! The way your foes behave is unique to each map, ensuring that a Gizmoblin you face in one scenario won't use the same tactics in the next! With scenarios offering a wide array of objectives for you to achieve, you’ll see door-busting dungeon exploration, chase-scenes, rescue missions and tugs-of-war against your foes. Band together with your friends, and with a bit of luck and careful maneuvering, you’ll complete your party’s objective…before your enemies achieve their own!

The campaign's more than 2x funded with 23 days left to go.