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Takkure Sci-Fi Rugby Game Available to Pre-order

A new entry to the tabletop sports genre is coming soon. Zenit Miniatures had their successful Kickstarter campaign for Takkure, their sci-fi rugby game. Now, they're taking regular pre-orders. If you still want to get all those extras and exclusives, this is your last chance to do so.

From the website:

In a violent cyberpunk universe, the players take on the role of coaches to lead teams of 4 players.

COMPONENTS (Inluding upgrades) - 4x Yamato figures (32mm scale, metal) - 4x Yamato player cards - 4x Teriomorphs figures (32mm scale, metal) - 4x Teriomorphs player cards - 2x Play cards deck: 13 generic for each team 8 for Yamato 8 for Teriomorphs - 1x Play field (2mm cardboard) - 2x Trainer board (1,2mm Cardboard) - 1x Playtime board (1,2mm Cardboard) - 6x 12-sided dice (D12): 3 red y 3 yellow - +50 Tokens (2mm cardboard) - Scatter template (2mm cardboard) - 8 inch ruler (With pass modifiers, 2mm cardboard) - Rulebook and all unloked stretch goals