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Tactical Hack RPG Supplement Available Now

The internet is the new battleground. And I don't just mean comments sections. There's a lot to be gained and lost using hacking techniques and other forms of cyberwarfare. Tactical Hack is a new RPG supplement that brings this battlefield to your tabletops. You can pick up your copy now.

From the website:

Bring you tabletop into the modern age!

Tactical Hack is an operational level supplement to add cyber warfare to modern, contemporary, and future/scifi conflicts. You bring your favorite tabletop game, and we'll bring the cyber domain to it.

Players carry out one draw and play action during their opponent's turn to provision then later launch cyber attacks in the game. The effects of the offensive cyber operations are written to be compatible with most game systems (after 3 years of playtesting, we haven't found one where they don't work).

The base game plays easy and light and there are variants to build just the right cyber environment for your tabletop battles.


  sagh at Sep-2 20
It's really more a supplement for tabletop wargames/tactical miniature games, but could be used for the kinetic engagement parts of RPGs.