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TTCombat Releases New Dropzone Commander Rulebook

Play Dropzone Commander? Excited about all the figures that just got rereleased over at TTCombat? Then you'll also want to make sure you're playing the most up-to-date version of the game. TTCombat has posted a new rulebook that you can download now.

From the article:

We have so many units back in stock today, we thought we’d celebrate with some new rules!

So we’ve been busy behind the scenes tweaking and fiddling, and giving basically the entire game a once over. If you’re into Dropzone Commander in any way, this is a post you’re going to want to read.


The biggest news is that there’s a brand new update for the Dropzone Commander digital rulebook today!

You can download the new version by going to the Resources page on the TTCombat webstore or or just click this handy link!

The newest version contains just a few small changes – literally some are just a few words. However, they change a whole load about the game. Of note:

  • There’s a little bit on options for units. If a unit in a squad decides to upgrade or swap a weapon, every unit in the squad must do so in order to be armed identically. This was in here before, but it is a bit more specific now. We’ll see why in a minute.
  • Infantry in Garrisons may now shoot Close Quarters weapons OR other weapons in a round, not both. No more shooting a missile launcher with one hand while fending off a Razorworm with the other!
  • Searching for Objectives now takes both actions in a round (you may have seen this in previous experimental rules). This means you have to take a bit longer before you get your Objectives.
  • Objectives can no longer be passed into or out of Garrisons. You can’t find your data packet and then drop the laptop out of the window onto the roof of a passing Battle Bus!
  • The Indirect special weapon rule has been reworked. It now makes a lot more sense when firing blindly or firing while using a Scout unit to track line of sight. You essentially have 2 options: fire without aid and now Hull Down modifiers, but hit on a 5+ (before any other modifiers that is), or get line of sight from a Scout and use their full line of sight, Hull Down and all. Choose wisely!

There we go! A few small but really significant changes.