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TTCombat Previews The Calaca Cabala for Rumbleslam

A new group of wrestlers are making their way to the Rumbleslam ring. If you thought they were your average luchadores, you'd be dead wrong. Actually, they'd be dead, because they are dead. They're the Calaca Cabala and you can get a look at how they work in this preview.

From the article:

The Calaca Cabala are dancing into the ring, but how do they perform?

First off, they do a lot of dancing. And a lot of wrestling. And a lot of dying and getting up again. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a wrestling team of undead mariachi skeletons!

With the Calaca Cabala on their way to RUMBLESLAM rings worldwide, it’s time to have a peek at their rules. How exactly does this band of skellies work in the squared circle?