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TTCombat Previews New Ships for Dropfleet Commander

Later today, Dropfleet Commander is going to be getting some new releases in the form of a new class of ship. Every faction is getting them, and we've already seen how a couple of them work. But what about the others? TTCombat is here to help as they show off another pair of these new Lighters ships. Have yourselves a look.

From the article:

It’s the PHR and Shaltari’s turn for a close up look.

We’re back to have an in depth look at the design process and a little teaser of the rules for the new Lighters, which will be hitting the webstore this Friday!

Lighters are a brand new class of ship, bigger than a Corvette, smaller than a Frigate, and are all unique. We’ve had a look at the stealthy UCM Lysander and a bonkers ramming ship with the Scourge Hiruko, so we already know each is a bit different!

Today we’re heading out to the Abandonists of the Post-Human Republic, and the utterly alien Shaltari.