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TTCombat Previews New Ships for Dropfleet Commander

A new class of ship is coming to Dropfleet Commander. How will these smaller, sleeker ships work in the game? Glad you asked, because TTCombat has the stats for two of them up so you can prepare for them hitting your tabletops later this week.

From the article:

With Lighters on the way, let’s find out a bit more!

This Friday sees the release of a new class of ship for each faction! The Lighters are small vessels, just a little larger than a Corvette. Each of them is pretty unique though, and fill very different roles in your fleets.

Today we’re going to have a sneak peek at some rules for the UCM Lysander and the Scourge Hiruko, and find out a little more about the design process from Dropfleet master David Lewis!