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TTCombat Previews New Resistance Kits for Dropzone Commander

TTCombat isn't done with new Dropzone Commander releases. They're working on some new Resistance kits as well, including their new starter set (seen above). What else have they got going on? Keep reading.

From the article:

More Dropzone already?! YEP!

It’s barely been three weeks since the PHR got their long-awaited Starter Army, and we didn’t want to keep Resistance players waiting long to finish the set!

The Resistance Starter Army is going up on pre-order this Friday!

We’ve seen massive increases in all the other army contents, and the Resistance Starter Army is no different.

Where it is different is that this set is entirely in resin! It’s not quite double what you got in the old set, since the resin pieces are a lot more detailed, but it’s pretty close.

In order to make this set as big as possible we’ve made some cunning adjustments to some of the classic Resistance designs so they’re easier to cast, and come in fewer pieces. Eagle eyed viewers might be able to see the changes, but we’ll have a closer look later in the week.

All of these optimisations mean that the new Resistance Starter Army will be retailing at…. £35!