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TTCombat Previews New Dropzone Commander

Starter armies are a great way to get into a new game or a new force for a game you already play. They have everything you need to get going right away. And TTCombat has some new Dropzone Commander forces coming. Check out these new forces for the UCM and Scourge.

From the post:

We’ve got the first of our new Starter Armies arriving this Friday, with the golden boys of the UCM and the nasty Scourge.

But what’s in them?

A lot of stuff!

Each Starter Army comes with 5 different Battlegroups, including 12 tanks, 4 APCs, 12 bases of infantry, and six dropships!

Veteran Dropzone players may recognise this as twice as much stuff as in the old starter boxes, and that’s right! Whenever people asked where to start with Dropzone Commander a Starter Army was always the best purchase, and we’d always recommend then getting a second one too, to really round out your force. So we thought that if that’s what we recommend, why not just double up?

That’s not all though, as the sets both come with a new Commander choice. The UCM get the Wolf, and the Scourge the Despot. These miniatures come with their own dropships too, a Titania pattern Raven and an Intruder respectively.

For those veteran players not needing to expand on their armies even further though, the Wolf and Despot will be available separately on Friday too, along with rules going online at the same time!

These little Command choices offer great flexibility, and an excellent chassis in smaller games. They’re great on the front line, allowing your commanders to get stuck in quickly and make the most of their command Influence radius.