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TTCombat Previews New Dropfleet Commander Ships

This is apparently going to be a really big release week for Dropfleet Commander. What sort of new ships will be hitting the skyways? Well, we get a look at 5 of them in this preview.

From the preview:

Back with our second Teaser Tuesday this week, there are some big new Dropfleet ships on the horizon!

Wait, is there a horizon in space? An event horizon maybe? I don’t know, I’m no scientist.

However, I do know cool spaceships when I see them, and this week we have 10 new cool spaceships for Dropfleet Commander.

We’ve seen teases of these in the advent calendar and previous WIP Wednesdays, but we’re happy to announce that the brand new Battlecruisers are out for pre-order this Friday!

Each Battlecruiser comes in a set with options to build two different variants. Although we’re not going to show all of them today, sorry!