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TTCombat Previews More Battlecruisers for Dropfleet Commander

We've seen two. Now it's time to see some more. TTCombat has another couple Battlecruiser previews for Dropfleet Commander up. This time around, we get a look at the Resistance and the Scourge ships that are coming your way very soon.

From the article:

We’re back with some more Dropfleet rules. Buckle your seatbelts (or whatever Scourge use for seatbelts).

Friday sees the release of brand new Battlecruisers for Dropfleet Commander (the first since the rulebook came out!), so we’re taking a little time to look at exactly what they bring to your fleets.

Scourge players and Resistance players: bitter rivals, and both who will want to pay attention to this article!