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TTCombat Extendes Limited Edition Minis Sale

Thought you missed out on your chance to get the new Limited Edition minis from TTCombat? Well, you haven't! They've extended the sale period out to the 1st of September. That's not far away, so if you want to get these figures, better head over now.

From the article:

Quick announcement!

To celebrate the opening of the Troll Trader Bromley store ... we’ve put our 2021 exclusives up on pre-order.

Well, good news! We’ve had a few people asking if we can keep them up for a little longer, and yes indeed we can!

The exclusives will now be going off sale on the 1st September!

That means you’ve got another week (and a bit) to get your Ospreys, Zovena Velas, Occupied New York Sector Packs, and Traffics James!

Not only that, but the other exclusives are still on sale too, and we’re even adding a little extra stock of the limited number Carnevale Clear Black Spectre and Limited Morgraur!