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TGN Review Kraken Dice Black Magick Sets

I love dice. That shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you. #NoSuchThingAsTooManyDice

I have bought dice from many companies over the years, but I would have to say that my favorite is Kraken Dice. Brian, Diana, and the rest of the Kraken Krew are just amazing people, and they put out some fantastic dice. Just last week, they sent me one each of the new Black Magick sets they've been releasing. Those that missed out on the first release will get another chance on Tuesday when the second half go up for sale. Those that might be on the fence about them can read on, because...

It's time for another TGN Review. This time around, it's Kraken Dice's Black Magick Dice Sets.

This is far from my first set of Kraken dice. And rolling these around, I have to say that they're every bit the quality that I've come to expect from their sets. They have a good feel, good color distribution throughout, and the numbers are very nicely painted. There's no real chips or knicks or marks on them, and I love the amount of glitter swirl in them. I'm going to go through these sets a color at a time and give you my thoughts.


Starting out, we have the gold (or technically yellow) set. As you can see, you can get 13 pieces with these sets. Along with the 2d20, 1d12, 1d% set, 1d8, 4d6, 1d4, and 1d2, you also can get a 30mm d20.  When I got the sets in the mail, the big d20 wasn't in the little bags, but they do all fit in there, if only barely. As always with Kraken sets as well, they do come with a die bag with a little Kraken charm on it. Also denoting them as special is the Kraken logo on the 20s on the d20s as well as the 2 on the d2. Out of the sets, these are probably my least favorite. First, because yellow just isn't my favorite color, and 2 because the gold numbers on gold dice can be slightly hard to read at range. They're not impossible to read by any stretch, and are still mostly-legible at a distance, but with the small numbers on the d20, there's a potential to have to lean over and go, "what'd I roll?"


Here we have the green set. Obviously, having the same dice, just in a different color, there's going to be a little less to describe with each set, mostly just coming down to my opinions on the individual colors used and their legibility. When I first saw the previews for the green, they were ones that I thought I would want most of all. Upon getting them, the green that was used was a bit lighter in color than what appeared on the official pictures. This tempered my love of them slightly, though it's certainly not to say that I dislike them. Don't get me wrong there. Just maybe not "OMG! AMAZING!" as I originally thought. As for reading them, gold on the green shows up extremely well, and even if you accidentally toss a d20 too far from you on the table, you can probably still read what it says. Very excellent if you ask me.


Here we have the red set. This was sort of the opposite for me with the green set. Originally when I saw them, I was like, "hmm, nice, but whatever." Getting them in-hand, though, they really have grown on me. Red isn't a favorite color, but these dice are just pretty, if you ask me. And, again, there's good contrast with the gold numbers, making them very easy to read at range.


Onwards to blue. This set was just as good as I was hoping they would be. They were on my "do want" list, and they did not disappoint in-hand. Love the swirl in the glitter. Love the contrast with the gold numbers. Love the deep, rich look of the blue that they chose. Just wonderful.


And finally, my favorite of the group, the purple. Purple has become one of my favorite colors, ever since I attended Kansas State (Go Wildcats!). Not to say that it's only my alma-mater as to why I love this color, but it doesn't hurt, either. And the pruple that they used in this set is just right on the money. You might think a dark purple swirled in with black and glitter might not show up very strongly, but I think it does in just all the right subtle ways. This was the set that I'd originally wanted most when I saw the preview pictures, and they're the set that I love the most actually in-hand. Everything I could've wanted out of this set, honestly.


These last two photos are to 1) show off how big the bigger d20 is, actually holding it in-hand, as well as getting a good shot of the swirl in the purple dice. All of the dice have that good swirl in there, but I find it particularly striking with the purple, and it shows off what I mean above about how I think it turned out just right.

5/7, perfect score.

As I mentioned above, the Black Magick sets are getting their 2nd wave of releases this Tuesday, at noon Pacific. If you want any of these sets, be sure you're there right on time. The first waves tended to sell out in literally seconds. Good luck to you in getting them.

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