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Sybaroum Starter Set Now Available

Getting into the dark fantasy world of Symbaroum is now easier than it has ever been. Free League Publishing has released the Treasure Hunts in Davokar starter set. With this, your whole gaming group can get involved in the spooky, scary, gritty world.

From the website:

Brave adventurer, enter the wondrous world of Symbaroum. The Symbaroum Starter Set – Treasure Hunts in Davokar was released today by Free League Publishing. The boxed Starter Set is the perfect entry point to venture deep into the the dark fantasy RPG and contains everything needed to start playing.

The set for the praised tabletop roleplaying game includes two complete adventure sites, guidelines for creating treasure hunt adventures, a 64-page rulebook, a 64-page adventure compendium, a dice set, two double-sided full color maps and six printed character sheets with pre-made player characters.

The set is illustrated by the critically acclaimed artist Martin Grip, lead artist for the upcoming THE ONE RING™ RPG that is currently on Kickstarter, as well as the multiple award-winning ALIEN RPG and Coriolis - The Third Horizon.

The set is written by Mattias Johnsson Haake and Mattias Lilja, designers of Symbaroum that has also worked on acclaimed games such Vaesen - Nordic Horror Roleplaying, Forbidden Lands and Coriolis - The Third Horizon.