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Survive This!! Vigilante City Books 3 and 4 Up On Kickstarter

You've got your books for Survive This!! Vigilante City. But you want more. You need more books! (I mean, we're gamers here, we always want more). Well, your prayers have been answered. There's a Kickstarter campaign up and running now to get you those books that you so desperately desire. They're filled with plenty of new options for your games.

From the campaign:

SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City Book 3:  Superhero Team up! Comes with the inclusion of many new classes, goes through the steps of team building while greatly adding to the equipment and vehicles.  It shows how to build new superhero headquarters and stock it full of the valuable tech and tools every team needs to be successful.  There will be new combat rules to include Team Moves and so much more!

SURVIVE THIS!! Vigilante City Book 4:  Into The Sewers takes you underground to maze of tunnels that travelunderthe Metropolitan of Victory City, into the world of subcultures, gangs, Mutants & Anthropomorphs.  Into The Sewers will feel like a new setting and greatly expands upon the already robust Mutant and Anthropomorph classes and powers.

The campaign's just up and over its funding goal with 13 days left to go.