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Super Cats Card Game Now Available From The OP Games

A vicious robo-dog is on the loose! All the super powered felines want to be the one to take it on, but they need to decide who it will be. Thankfully, there's an easy way to decide this: rock, paper, scissors. That's what you'll be doing in Super Cats, a new card game available from The OP Games now.

From the article:

Our pets’ daily routines are becoming more familiar to us as we spend each day staying in, napping, and playing with toys to pass the time, but a quick and easy way to supercharge domestic life is here thanks to our work with GRRRE Games to bring fans this brand new release! Battle the inevitable dog days of summer with a rock-paper-scissors style card game for the whole family. Super Cats is available now, and “rochambo” has never been more ferocious!