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Summoner Wars Online Officially Released

So, you've probably seen all the various Summoner Wars previews that Plaid Hat Games has shared. But what if you think, "I don't have anyone close by to play. So, while I like the look of the game, I'm not going to play it"? Well, how about being able to play online? Plaid Hat Games has officially released the new edition of Summoner Wars Online so you can play with anyone across the planet now.

From the website:

Hello Summoners!

We’re proud to announce that version one of Summoner Wars Online has officially been released as of last night, Aug 23, 2021!

The beta version has been up and running since May 2021 for subscribers, and that feedback has been essential for releasing a digital app that we at Plaid Hat Games are very proud of. Thanks to players, we were able to weed out the bugs and make our Digital Online Unfriendly Gamer (D.O.U.G.) a more formidable foe for solo play.

Some new features that you’ll now see at 

  • Deckbuilder! Customize your decks.
  • Stronger AI
  • Purchase decks and/or get the online subscription. (Full subscribers receive each digital item permanently as they receive physical items.)
  • Review your entire game! Each game’s full archive is stored in the app.
  • Spectator mode: Send your game’s link to others to watch and/or review.