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Sugar Blast Now Available From CMON

It's October. That means, it's candy season. And if you're looking to bring some more sweet treats to your gaming table, you can do so with Sugar Blast, the matching, board-tilting game from CMON. You can pick up your copies now.

From the article:

There’s a lot to love about candy. There are the bright colors, the shiny wrappers, and the sweet, fruity, and minty flavors. Everyone has a favorite, but most people like a wide range of these tasty treats. Of course, one shouldn’t have too much sugar. But there’s no reason you can’t still play with candy and sugar on your tabletops, and that’s where Sugar Blast comes in. It’s a new game coming soon that lets you collect all the candy you want while utilizing a unique, tilting game board. Let’s take a look inside the game and see what makes it such a blast!