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Suburb Punk Setting Book Up On Kickstarter

In the real world, the Y2K bug was nowhere near as devastating as it was made out to be. But in the world of Suburb Punk, it really did cause the end of the world. Now, it's 2006 and people are still trying to pick up the pieces. That's where you find yourself in the game, at least, if Frog Knight Games can successfully fund their campaign. The game is the first in the The Light RPG line.

From the campaign:

For years now Frog Night Games has been working on The Light RPG. Until today we were not sure on which setting we wished to launch the system with. Now we present to you: SuburbPunk

The SuburbPunk core setting book, in B&W PDF form, will be made available for free on our website no later than May 31st, 2019. The setting book will be completely system agnostic, and designed for easy reference while playing a game in this world. 

The final printed book will be Digest size (8.5in x 5.5in) and the exact page count will be determined by the amount of support this project receives, though our initial estimate is 40-80 pages of text (i.e. not counting the art). Also it will be B&W and saddle-stitched. Hey! Its a zine. #ZineQuest

Your support of this project will allow us to allocate time from our normal work in order to write, proof and format the setting book, as well as any additional books that are unlocked as stretch goals.

The year is 2006, just a few short years after a Y2K bug in a government computer set off a chain reaction that destroyed most of the continental United States and flooded the rest of the world. The only major cities left standing were San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.

The world as we know it is now a massive megacity of suburbs connecting these aging metropolises. Each street dedicated to a tv show or movie from the 90's. A symptom of the general populations inability to let go of their past glory.

Join us as we explore this strange new reality, where the 90's never really ended, and the Friends all died in a nuclear blast while doing an appearance in Chicago. Except for Phoebe, we could never do that to her.

They're about halfway to their goal with still 40 days to go.