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Sub Terra II: Inferno's Edge Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Ancient volcanos. They're the perfect place to have temples. I mean, what else can provide better natural defenses against intruders? Nothing, that's what. But you and your other adventurers are going to head into that temple and grab that priceless artifact. That's the story in Sub Terra II: Inferno's Edge, a new stand-alone expansion for Sub Terra that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Sub Terra II: Inferno's Edge. A standalone sequel to the award-winning Sub Terra (2017), Inferno's Edge has players join a dangerous expedition into a volcanic temple, in search of a legendary artifact. Work together to find and unlock the inner sanctum, avoiding deadly traps, scorching lava and the temple's relentless guardians. But beware - the earth shakes beneath you, and you're running out of time...

The campaign's closing in on 2x funded with 35 days left to go.