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Studio X: Mobile Painting Studio Relaunches on Kickstarter

Have you ever started on a figure, got a couple base colors in, maybe start thinking of some detail work... and you just scrap it and start over? Into the Simple Green it goes and you give it another shot? I've certainly done it. And while the Studio X team didn't exactly go back down to the pewter, they have retooled their Kickstarter campaign and relaunched with a better one this time around. You can check it out now.

From the campaign:

The Studio X Mobile Miniature Painting Studio is a fantastic piece of kit, perfect for all miniature painters - from those who want a tidy workspace, to those without a permanent location to paint at, and those who love to travel with their miniature painting to friends' homes, local stores, workshops, and conventions.

The Studio X is 13.25" tall, has a footprint of 8.125"x7.25", and includes:

  • The Studio X Brush hanger (and Wall Mount)
  • Two Studio X Wet Palettes
  • Two sides with two shelves each that can hold up to 60 paints of various brands
  • Magnetic sheeting on the shelves so they can be used for miniatures storage
  • Two Tool Trays (which can double as water cups)
  • Two Aqua-Pro foam pads for the wet palettes
  • 50 sheets of Aqua-Pro paper for the wet palettes

Plus any Upgrades we might unlock during the campaign!

The campaign's about 5/8 funded with 20 days left to go.