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Stronghold Games Relaunches Aftershock: San Francisco and Venice Kickstarter

Not everything goes to plan the first time around, especially when earthquakes are involved. Stronghold Games has restructured, reconfigured, and relaunched their Kickstarter campaign for Aftershock: San Francisco and Venice.

From the campaign:

We're excited to relaunch Aftershock: San Francisco & Venice with the following changes:

  • We are launching with the Venice components included, which allow for more dynamic and interactive games at lower player counts
  • We are also including the previously optional District 6 expansion with every pledge
  • No deluxe components, which lowers weight, shipping & production costs
  • Updated name to help differentiate from other games with similar titles

The world has been hit with mega earthquakes. The worst destruction has devastated the San Francisco Bay area. It is a time of rebuilding to restore this area to its former glory.  

In Aftershock: San Francisco and Venice, players will spend money to acquire planning cards, which are used to increase population, build bridges, and determine where aftershocks occur. Spend money wisely to acquire aftershocks that will allow you to move people into and out of the demolished areas. Planning and careful negotiation are essential in order to maintain your population and score your best-planned cities and bridges. 

The campaign is up and over its funding goal with 11 days left to go.