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StrikeZone Tabletop Baseball Game Up On Kickstarter

Most tabletop games we cover here on TGN are a board game or a card game. There's occasionally a dexterity-based game, but they are pretty rare. StrikeZone is a bit more than even a dexterity game, as you actually have figures to pitch and hit the ball in this tabletop baseball simulator. You can check out this game on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Pitch, Swing, and Hit TOWERING home runs with realistic players on a massive 5x5 feet tabletop diamond. 

Play 1-on-1 in a head-to-head garage competition or divide your friends into two teams of All-Stars for a backyard World Series you'll never forget. There's no limits to how, when or where you can play baseball with StrikeZone.

And to keep things fair, you can use the free mobile app to keep score, track record-breaking stats, and share results with friends and rivals on your favorite social media platform.

The game's around 3x funded with 28 days left to go.


  patelhiralh16 at Apr-30 20
Awesome Game! Worth the buy!!! ⚾️
  patelhiralh16 at Apr-30 20