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Street Masters: Aftershock Coming to Kickstarter

A new expansion for the Street Masters board game is soon hitting Kickstarter from Blacklist Games. Aftershock will include new elements like stage and enemy decks, along with missions. Four new fighters will be hitting the streets as well. Plus, everything comes in a deluxe box that fits all current Street Masters releases, but also extra space for what's to come afterward. The game'll be hitting Kickstarter on the 23rd of October.

About the expansion:

Aftershock is a deluxe expansion for the Street Masters board game, adding four new fighter decks, four new stage decks, two new enemy decks, new loot cards, and much more! Expanding on the modular nature of Street Masters, Aftershock includes two new ways to customize your play experience:missions and showdowns.

The mission deck is included to speed up multiplayer games by adding additional ways to support your fellow fighters. Mission cards allow fighters to gain powerful mission tokens, that can in turn be used to assist your fellow fighters during their turn.

Showdowns are a new type of story deck that can be used in any story mode game, adding a villainous character working in the shadows against the fighters. Each showdown deck introduces a unique story for the associated enemy deck, as well as upgrade cards that will truly test the fighters! Players can also choose to include these enemy upgrade cards in their arcade games to increase difficulty and customize their games even further.

Additionally, Aftershock;comes packed in a massive storage box that is designed to hold all existing Street Masters, as well as room for future content.