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Straps Collapse Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Straps Collapse is a new set collection card game that's up on Kickstarter. do your best to find Shirt Stays cards while avoiding the dreaded Straps Collapse cards, lest you end up out of the game. Get 3 Shirt Stays cards and you're the winner (and you don't lose your shirt).

About the game:

Joymanji has come up with a unique game which will reveal one of life’s most suppressed and hidden species on Earth - the Shirt Stays. For those who love card gaming, the company has created the super fun, engaging, and hilarious game “Straps Collapse.” The tabletop card game is nerve-wracking and a game suitable for all ages. It’s kid-friendly, easy to learn, and super fun. To spice things up, a NSFW special edition for adults will also be available. Straps Collapse is launching its new, funny, kid-friendly game on Kickstarter on March 14th. With the launch of “Straps Collapse”, the game of hide-and-seek is finally coming to an end. The game is entertaining and simple, making it ideal for both kids (7+) and adults. The player simply needs to collect three pairs of Shirt Stays Cards. But there’s a catch, for instance when stinky underpants, space shuffle, sneaky racoons and other trouble-makers come into play to ensure unexpected twists. There is almost nothing that can save you from the critical Straps Collapse Cards. Once the player pulls this card, real problems start. When the player pulls it the second time, the player will be out of the game. The good thing is there are Flap Swap Cards. These cards will enable the player to swap all of his cards with another player, giving the player a chance to play again. This makes the card game super fun, tactical, and completely addictive.

The campaign's up and running now with 29 days left to go.