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Storybook RPG Up On Kickstarter

In an RPG, you can build your character to be just about anything you want. Many times, players will try their best to recreate a character from a favorite book. Well, in the Storybook RPG, you don't have to try and create a close facsimile of them, you can just make them. Become your characters from your favorite stories. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Step into a world of wonder with Storybook, the easy-to-learn literary Role-Paying Game.  In Storybook you play characters from any book, television show, video game, or even your own imagination. With a streamlined system Storybook is easy for beginning players to learn, including children. Join friends in exciting adventures into worlds both familiar and strange. Play as a hopeful hero, a distressing damsel, a romantic rogue, a snarky sidekick, a mouthy mentor, or literally anything you want. Be Sherlock Holmes, working beside Gandalf the Grey and Elizabeth Bennet to stop the nefarious plans of Pennywise the Clown on an alien planet. Whether you stay in one genre or mix it all up, you are guaranteed to have a good time with Storybook!

   Storybook is the fruit of a life spent playing and modifying role-playing games, combined with a devout love of story.  It uses a simplified system to allow players to create any character that they wish, and to interact easily with any genre of fiction.  Players will create a series of characters chosen from among five Genres of fiction and the Archetypes found within them.  These characters are brought into an endless stream of stories set in worlds of Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, and Science-Fiction.  As the characters advance they become more powerful until the time comes for them to be written out of the tale.  Every character that a player finishes gives that player more control over the Storybook world.

The campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 18 days.