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Stonemaier Games Taking Pre-Orders For Wingspan

Stonemaier Games is now taking pre-orders for their upcoming card-driven engine-building game, Wingspan. Those that order during this week (up until the 8th) are guaranteed a set from their first print run, and at a special discounted price. So start off 2019 on a high note and spread your wings.

From the announcement:

If you pre-order from Stonemaier Games, we'll ship it to you by mid-January. This is followed by the worldwide retail release date on March 8, 2019. Please consider the following:

  • Availability: Pre-orders are open to everyone, and if you order from us between January 2-8, we can guarantee that you'll get a copy from the first print run at a discount. After that, any remaining games will be sent to distributors to sell to retailers for the March retail release. We will continue to make more print runs as long as there is demand for them.
  • Canada and Europe: We have already shipped pallets of Wingspan to fulfillment centers in Canada and Europe, so they're ready to ship with region-friendly shipping for orders placed through January 8. However, as a result, if you're in those regions, you cannot add other Stonemaier products to your order.
  • Reviews: All Wingspan reviews and media are posted here, including the rules video from Watch It Played, an Automa tutorial from The Mill, and reviews from Tantrum House, Rahdo, Game Boy Geek, Meeple Street, GeekDad, and Slickerdrips.
  • Stonemaier Champions: If you're not a Champion, now is a great time to look into the program (before you pre-order Wingspan). I appreciate your support for our content!