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Stonemaier Games Short Pre-order Sale for Euphoria

Some may say that ignorance is bliss. Heck, the name of this expansion is that. But being ignorant of the pre-release sale for the new Ignorance is Bliss expansion for Euphoria from Stonemaier Games means you'll not get your game as soon as it's available and you'll spend more money on it. So, maybe in this case, ignorance isn't bliss.

From the announcement:

We're excited to open a 4-day preorder period for the expansion to Euphoria, Ignorance Is Bliss! Details and rules for this robust expansion are on this page on our website and the Euphoria Facebook group.

Discounted products during this preorder period include the expansion itself, the new printing of the core game (which now includes Game Trayz custom trays in the box; this is available separately from the Geek Store), and an optional game board. Top Shelf Gamer is also offering a a special discount on their Euphoria realistic token bundle.