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Steve Jackson Games Ogre Miniatures Set 3 Indiegogo Happening Now

Steve Jackson Games has jumped from Kickstarter to Indiegogo for their latest project. They're looking to expand the amount of Ogre miniatures you have at your disposal. They're looking to turn some of the older, hard-to-find metal miniatures that they used to make into new, plastic versions. So, if you're looking for futuristic tanks the size of city blocks, this is your place to go.

From the campaign:

Thanks to the support of the Ogre community, we've produced two sets of plastic Ogre miniatures, making it easy for players to collect dozens – hundreds! – of miniatures at a reasonable price. Now, with your help, we will take two of the harder-to-find metal miniatures and upgrade them to plastic, making it easier for everyone to add these cybertanks to their Ogre Miniatures collections.

The campaign's about 75% funded with 14 days left to go.