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Steve Jackson Games Creating Pre-Stretch Goals for Car Wars Kickstarter

We all know about crowdfunding and stretch goals. That's half the fun. But Steve Jackson Games is looking to create pre-stretch goals. They're stretch goals that happen even before the campaign's been launched. They'll soon be getting their Car Wars campaign underway, and depending on how many people sign up to follow the campaign, new things will be added right from the start. Go have a look.

From the post:

This morning: Working on the announcement for the pre-campaign stretch goals. Next week, once everything is in place, we'll share details on stretch goals that are based on the number of followers who have clicked "Notify me" on this Kickstarter page.

The first stretch goal will start at 1,000 followers . . . can we unlock the pre-campaign stretch goal before it is even revealed? Please share this post with your friends and let's see how many followers we can get before the pre-campaign stretch goals are revealed! As of this moment, we're at 777 project followers.