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Stefan Feld City Collection: Hamburg and Amsterdam Up On Kickstarter

Stefan Feld is looking to bring you updated versions of his games, working with Queen Games to bring you the City Collection. The first two games, new versions of Hamburg and Amsterdam, are up on Kickstarter now. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as the first 8 games are already planned.

From the campaign:

The Stefan Feld City Collection is a massive undertaking to republish old titles with a fresh look and new content alongside brand new titles, all set in in fascinating cities around the world. The project currently includes at least 8 titles which will be released over the next several years. Re-releases have been overhauled with new graphics, rules tweaks, and extra content, with the goal to make them new and improved products, and not just reprints with new artwork.

The Collection will be released over multiple campaigns spanning two years or more. While future campaign will include the option to receive previous titles, we will do our best to reward those who join from the beginning.

The campaign is closing in on 14x funded with 19 days left to go.