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Steamforged Taking Pre-Orders For Season 4 Guild Ball Players Deck

Season 4 of Guild Ball is just around the corner. How just around the corner? Well, Steamforged has started taking pre-orders for a new deck of cards that will contain the stat cards for all the players currently in the game, up to and including the Falconer's Guild. If you're looking for a quick way to get all the updated cards at once, this is your chance.

From the announcement:

Season 4 Deck – We mentioned in a recent blog that we would be selling Season 4 Decks directly from the Steamforged store. These S4 Decks will include all the player cards for every Guild up to the Falconers, since the Navigators boxed set will include the Season 4 compatible cards. The Season 4 Deck will also be available for purchase at SteamCon US, SteamCon UK, and any convention that Steamforged Games attends in early 2019 while stocks last.