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Steamforged Previews Veteran Siren For Guild Ball

The Fisherman's Guild is my guild of choice in Guild Ball. I love them because they're a pure goal-scoring team. There's dozens of good skirmish wargames out there, but extremely few good sports games out there. So that's what drew me to Guild Ball in the first place. So, when I see that the team is getting revamped, along with the game as a whole, I get naturally nervous. I love how they work now. What could be changed? Well, we get our first look at how they'll operate in Season 4 with a look at Veteran Siren.

From the post:

The Fishermen’s Guild were one of the first Guilds ever to be designed for Guild Ball, alongside the Butcher’s Guild. Since then, the Butchers and the Fishermen have always represented two extremes of the game, in terms of playstyle. The Butchers are all about inflicting the maximum amount of damage they can, and the Fishermen are all about scoring as many goals as they can. One of the things we are careful to avoid when designing new players and new Guilds is Guilds homogenisation. We try to ensure that they Butchers never have access to a better striker than the Fishermen do, for example, and for the most part we believe we’ve been successful in ensuring that each Guild has a unique identity.

When it came analysing the identity of the Fishermen however, it became clear that we had deviated somewhat from their original design. The advent of Corsair and Sakana in Season 2 allowed the Fishermen to have in-Guild models with momentous damage, something they only had access to through Union mercenaries before that. At the time, this made some sense. We wanted to level the playing field and allow the Fishermen to have the potential to inflict take outs in case their goal scoring game should ever falter. However, in the current climate where there are quite a few Guilds out there with strong goal scoring games backed up by momentous damage take outs, the Fishermen were starting to lose some of their unique identity.