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Steamforged Previews Spade for Miner's Guild

The Miner's Guild is the Minor Guild for the Engineer's Guild.

Guild, Guild, Guild. I just like typing Guild.

Anyway, they are apparently going to be a very shifty team, able to get just about anywhere they need to on the pitch, partially because the ground is like Swiss cheese and thus, full of holes. In this preview, we get a look at Spade, who looks to be arguably one of the better Strikers in the game, along the likes of Flint and Angel.

From the website:

Welcome back to the blog, Guild Ball fans! We have a super exciting blog for you to read, it’s the first Miner’s Guild reveal AND we’ve also included the Miner’s Guild Backstory!!

As a reminder, the Miner’s Guild are the attached minor guild for the Engineers. They’re a guild who rely on placement and movement. They don’t have a huge capability for takeouts, but they have very strong goal scoring potential. They have more oblique movement than any other Guild in the game, and excellent kick stats.